65 rai Pechabun

65 Rai Farmers or forest land for sale in Petchabun

(L006) This large land plot is located in Petchabun not far from the city at the 14the Nayom Muang district in Petchabun province, post 16740.

The total land is 65 rai, from that 21 rai are Tamarind Gardens and 44 rai is a large rubber plantage that gives a large return on investment.

  • 65 Rai Farmers or forest land for sale in Petchabun

Por Bor Tor 5 is land that is either farm or forest land not under ownership or control of the land office. This land is administered by a local village leader who oversees possession rights and boundaries. Sales are carried out under the supervision of this village leader and recorded locally only. This land can’t be built upon. Por-Bor-Tor-5 (PBT-5) is not a title deed or document that lead to entitle of ownership, PBT-5 was just a receipt of local tax from the local government, the receipt only indicate the name of the person who paying tax for that land plot. This land has the status of Por Bor Tor 5 and is offered for a total price of only 25,000,000.00 THB, transfer taxes are paid 50/50 between buyer and seller.

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