6.2 Rai Huyai Yai with 100m Road Frontage

Huay Yai 10.400 Sqm Road Frontage Land with 100m Road Front

(L033) This land  plot is located in the area of Huay Yai, a location which has become very popular these days as so many developers have bought land here during the last few years for various housing developments. This has invariably enticed more businesses, restaurants and bar owners to the area in order to supply the demand.  Huay Yai is easy to get to as well and is about 15 minutes from Central Pattaya.  Sukhumvit Road and the highway 36 are also within easy reach. Huay Yai is a popular location for those who wish to live in a house or prefer to be a little out of town, but not too far away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya city.

Nowadays Huay Yai has become the main area for the most important tourist attractions in Pattaya.

This specific land plot is unique because of the location in the area of all large and successful tourist attractions. It has a total of 6 Rai 200 Talang Wah or 10.400 sqm with almost 100 meters road frontage.

For the exact location of the land plot please click here.

The price per rai is only 4,350,000.00 THB and the total land plot is 29,275,000.00 THB plus half of the transfer taxes. Taxes split by seller and buyer 50/50.

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