3 Private Islands for Sale in the French Polynesia

3 Private Islands for Sale in the French Polynesia

(L30) This is a very rare but unique opportunity for large scale investors and developer groups with a sense of creating the ultimate paradise on this earth. The lagoons are full with real pearls and this makes this paradise even more a real dream. The islands also are full with coconut trees and even the local government will buy them from the new island owner.All 3 Islands for sale are to be located in the French Polynesia under European legal protection.

The first island for sale is named Ahunui. The first recorded European who arrived to Ahunui Atoll was British mariner Frederick William Beechey. He named it “Byam Martin” after Admiral of the Fleet Sir Thomas Byam Martin. Ahunui or Nga-taumanga is a small atoll of the eastern Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is located 55 km SSE of Paraoa Atoll and 120 km WSW of Vairaatea. Ahunui Atoll is roughly circular in shape and measures 6.5 km in diameter. It has a land area of approximately 5.7 km2 and a lagoon area of 34 km2. Its lagoon is totally encircled by the reef, so that it is not connected to the ocean by a pass. The islands have coconut plantations on them. Ahunui Atoll is permanently uninhabited, but it is visited occasionally by neighboring islanders. The rarer pipi oysters (Pinctada maculata) are found in its lagoon.

The Google coordinates are here.

Google coordinate = -19.637131, -140.410360

The second island is for sale Manuhangi.  The old Paumotu (Tuamotu’s inhabitants) called this small atoll “manu hagi” (meaning “the loving bird”).The atoll has been uninhabited for many years. The first recorded European who arrived to Manuhangi was English navigator Samuel Wallis in 1767. He named it “Cumberland”. Administratively Manuhangi belongs to the commune of Hao (main village: Otepa), which includes Ahunui (uninhabited), Nengonengo, Manuhangi (no permanent inhabitant) and Paraoa (uninhabited). Manuhangi (also known as Te Fara is an atoll of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is located 68 km southeast of Nengonengo, 52 km west of Paraoa and 845 km east of Tahiti. Manuhangi Atoll is small in size, with a length of 5.4 km and a maximum width of 3.6 km. It has an oval shape and a coral reef completely enclosing a small lagoon. Manuhangi has a hook-shaped island covering the east and northeast of its reef. Manuhangi is a protected area and various species of birds are found in the atoll. Part of the land is planted with coconut palms. Apart from the birds, the fauna of the island primarily consists of coconut crabs. Tahitian black pearls are collected and cultivated in the surrounding islands. The island has some houses with permanent structures, cisterns, and water supply from natural wells. Manuhangi has no permanent inhabitant.

The Google coordinates are here.

Google coordinate = -19.200997, -141.244214

The third island is Haorangi. Hao forms the commune of Hao (Main village: Otepa), which also includes Ahunui (uninhabited), Nengonengo, Manuhangi (uninhabited) and Paraoa (uninhabited). As of the 2012 census, the atoll’s total population was 1066. The commune of Hao is associated with the commune of Amanu and the commune of Hereheretue. Hao, or Haorangi, is a large coral atoll in the central part of the Tuamotu Archipelago. It has c. 1000 people living on almost 50 km². It is used to house the military support base for the nuclear tests on Mururoa. Because of its shape, French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville named it Harp Island. Hao is 920 km east of Tahiti. It is 50 km long and 14 km wide. The lagoon is the fourth largest atoll in French Polynesia (after Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Makemo) and has only one navigable passage, at Kaki, on the north end of the atoll where strong currents prevail up to 20 knots with bores. The lagoon covers an area of 720 km². The climate is maritime, with temperatures oscillating between 23 and 32 °C throughout the year. The chief town is the village of Otepa, where the main economic activity is the cultivation of pearls. The first recorded European arriving on Hao was Pedro Fernández de Quirós on 10 February 1606. He named it Conversion de San Pablo.He was followed by José Andía y Varela in 1774. Because of its shape, French explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville named it Harp Island. In some maps it also appears as Bow Island. Hao was the first atoll of the Tuamotus that Russian explorer Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen visited in 1820 on the ships Vostok and Mirni.

In the late-1980s, two French intelligence (DGSE) operatives were briefly confined to the military base on the island after France obtained their release from a New Zealand prison for sinking the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior. Their earlier-than-agreed-upon repatriation from the island by the French government became a diplomatic incident between New Zealand and France.

Hao’s military airfield, now known as Hao Airport, was transferred to the civilian authorities in 2000. This airport (IATA: HOI, ICAO: NTTO) serves many of the smaller eastern Tuamotus, whose landing strips are too short to land aircraft large enough to make the flight to Tahiti.

The economic future of the atoll remains in question: the military base, which was the support base for nuclear testing on the nearby Mururoa atoll, was permanently shut down in 2002, along with its many support facilities, including the electrical and desalinization plants and the hospital. The livelihood of many of the atoll’s inhabitants was directly tied to the military base.

The Google coordinates are here .

Google coordinate = -18.200825, -140.909572

All 3 islands will be sold with building regulation, this main that the new group owns it can build whatever they want and also how much they want! The basic idea here is that the 2 smallest islands Ahunui  and  Manuhangi will be used for building  several luxury resorts and that the big island Haorangi can become an industry zone / airport.  At this present moment the big island has an industry zone mainly used for filter drink water, produce electricity. This island will not be sold in full but a large part of it. There are people living there owning properties. But airport and industries are included in the sales process. The airport is mainly used by the military. Even if the investor buys the island, the military still need to have access. Investors supposed to use local people and local product to build properties.

The government support comes from the fact that the investor not  have to pay tax and saves 25% per year.

The total selling price for this amazing project is 70 million Euro or to get the idea in Thai Bath 2,656,731,900.00 THB

This is a serious offer, please contact us for the first contact, we bring you in direct contact for the following steps to make. In Thailand 0800 176 100

After identification of the buyers group, the contact between potential buyer and seller will be made directly.

You can call us 0800 176 100 or just send an email…

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